I have been a little inspired by Zoe’s Blog about wearing only clothes made by your own fair hands for the whole month of May. Whilst I would love to do this I simply do not have as many items of handmade clothing as I would wish so I am making it my mission for April and May to make as much as I possibly can to do my own version (without the beautiful alliteration): Me-Made-June.

My starting points for Me-Made-June are as follows:

Colette Patterns:

1006 Rooibos

I have made this dress already in some cheap polyester and linen I found in a charity shop in Oxford – I just have to insert the zip. I really love the pattern and I have a plan for navy twill and some Amy Butler Daisy Chain Fabric for the contrast.

I am also planning on making their coat, the Lady Grey which is shown over the Rooibos dress above. I love the wide lapels, and in a light fabric for the summer this would be perfect. (image from Colette patterns)

I also plan to make the Ceylon dress and the Parfait dress using some gorgeous fabric I bought in Australia recently.

I am really drawn to Colette Patterns due to their lovely vintage look and, unlike a lot of older patterns, they are completely practical and wearable. I may well make these dresses in a range of fabrics, and I’m hoping to try and alter one of these patterns somehow: something I’ve never done before.

I’m also planning to try out a vintage vogue pattern I’ve had knocking around for a while, and some patterns I got in a charity shop on holiday. Pictures at a later date!